okay, first of all sorry for being so bad about never writing any blog comments. so, what's new? we had a great time at Rock Factory. I'd like to thank everybody who came down and enjoyed the show w us. And all the staff at Rock Factory  - u are the BEST!

Anyway, we interviewed Andy Bruce last week and WHAT a life he's leading! This is one person who will be successful with whatever he does. Amazing.

Next week we got Satnam coming down, and they'll be doing a LIVE session. Sound like fun? Come check it out.

What else? Well, we all busy, workin hard, and wish I'd had more time to make it down to the seaside. Well, next year maybe. Or shall we just get ourselves an Australian summer in December? (haha, we all broke tho...)

mata kondo - would be great to hear from some of our listeners. comment kaite ne.


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Hey everybody out there listening to Tama... oh no, it's the PODCAST!よく間違っちゃうよね。Anyway - hope you all feelin fine, and I really hope i can do this more regularly from now!

Anyway, we just finished recording the new podcast and it was FREAKIN' fun.

Got the new あっ、ここだ!corner.

Alright, hope to hear from people on this blog. コメント待ってまーす!



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